GIC Deal Finders is an interactive training platform and online community where ordinary people can come and learn to build wealth buying and selling real estate. Our organization started in 2013 as inspiration – a way for GIC’s founder, Toyin Dawodu, to train his own teenage son in the real estate business.

Today, GIC Deal Finders is a growing online community of like-minded individuals from all walks of life, each in pursuit of better and better ways to generate income and build wealth by actively participating in the $20 trillion real estate industry. Our members are regular people. We are not an army of savvy investors with years of experience flipping properties. We’re regular people who have made the commitment to learn this business day by day, and opportunity by opportunity.

The “Deal Finders” are Property Locators who are working folks just like you. We are school teachers, construction workers, part-timers, stay-at-home parents, stage performers and even college students. In fact, the main things we have in common are a willingness to learn and the drive to change our lives.