How it Works | GICDealFinders.inf | Founder, Toyin DawoduWhen you join the GIC community we hope you join with the expectation of learning how to succeed as a real estate investor and using your new-found knowledge to increase your income and change your outcome. In times past, when new members joined, we would toss them into the water then helped them swim. Now, we offer a more controlled and streamlined approach to learning.

5-Day Real Estate Investing Boot Camp

During the first week after you sign up as a member of GIC Deal Finders, you will get access to five training modules, sent to you once a day for the first five days after you activate your membership. It’s important that you watch the videos, download the member handbook, do the reading and complete the exercises. It is during this time that you will learn not only how we work around here, but you will also learn how to go about finding potentially lucrative opportunities and turning those deals into cash through our Property Locator program.

One way for us to make sure you understand our process and have a basic understanding of this business is to test your knowledge. So, as you complete the training modules, you will also complete one or more short tests so you can assess your progress. Our primary reason for doing this is to make sure that when you submit deals, you submit viable, profitable opportunities for GIC Deal Finders. We are looking for:

  • Opportunities that meet our minimum $40,000 profit criteria
  • Opportunities where the owner is clearly motivated to sell
  • Opportunities where you can earn up to $5,000 for helping us close the deal
  • Opportunities where a third party like a wholesaler or an agent won’t interfere in our negotiations with the property owner

Not every money-making opportunity will be a good fit for us, so your training will also teach you how to leverage real estate deals yourself so that even if we don’t buy the property ourselves, you can still make money off the deal. For this reason, your membership gives you instant access to our library of FREE training videos and other FREE downloadable resources. We want you to make money and the only way for you to do that is to learn this business.

Earning Money as a Property Locator

In the beginning, you will earn while you learn. How do you do that? By working as a Property Locator for us. As a Property Locator, we rely on you to find property leads and connect us to motivated sellers in the area around where you live and work. For every deal you send us that we are able to successfully negotiate and buy, we will pay you between $1,000 and $5,000.

As a member of our community, it is our goal to teach you the five pillars of successful real estate investing:

  1. How to spot great property leads
  2. How to identify motivated sellers
  3. How to create a never-ending list of leads
  4. What to say to sellers to get the most information and the best possible price for the property
  5. How to construct a profitable real estate deal

Not sure how to find the right properties? Not to worry. You will learn everything you need to know to get started during your first week of training.  Ready to join? Click the button below.

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