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No More Work for Me. I Figured it Out

Join me for a work free life, at the pool, on the road, at the beach, where ever. Do what you love and never have to work a day in your life. As I write this, I am in Las Vegas watching my daughter swim in the pool with her cousins. This vacation was not […]

10 Tips to Help You Keep and Grow Your Money

This goes without saying that a penny saved is a penny earned. With the current economic and financial situations, it’s no more a case of asking whether you should put aside some money each month or not. The real question is how can you save some money and make it grow too. If you want […]

How to Recognize a Motivated Seller When You See One

The very essence of the “no money down” method for buying a house depends on having a motivated seller. No deal goes through without a motivated seller. You cannot convince a person who does not want to sell to sell you his house. That’s a waste of your precious time. What you can do is always […]

100% of the People Who Speak This Language Fluently Are Successful

Do You Speak Real Estate? You can drop me off in any city in America and take away everything I own except my drivers license, and I will own a piece of property with equity by the end of the day. Robert Allen made a declaration akin to this one over twenty years ago. For […]