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10 Tips to Help You Keep and Grow Your Money

This goes without saying that a penny saved is a penny earned. With the current economic and financial situations, it’s no more a case of asking whether you should put aside some money each month or not. The real question is how can you save some money and make it grow too. If you want […]

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Are You a Landlord When You Should Be a Bank?

A decade ago, I made a very important decision: I decided to stop being a landlord and start being a bank.  “What the heck does one have to do with the other, Toyin?” you may ask. I will tell you.


Motherhood, Work and the Real Estate Business: Doing it All

Why It’s Important for You to do All Three I want to get at least 500 women actively working and making money in the real estate business over the course of the next year. Why? Because I believe GIC Deal Finders presents women with the perfect opportunity to increase their earning power without sacrificing their […]

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The Phasing Out of Bank Tellers

Why I believe banking professional need to learn how to create wealth NOW If you work in the banking industry, your next phase of professional development shouldn’t be a trade magazine or another stuffy banking seminar. It should be learning how to create wealth. According to the Wall Street Journal, only about 10% of the […]

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