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100% of the People Who Speak This Language Fluently Are Successful

Do You Speak Real Estate? You can drop me off in any city in America and take away everything I own except my drivers license, and I will own a piece of property with equity by the end of the day. Robert Allen made a declaration akin to this one over twenty years ago. For […]


Real Estate Agent vs Real Estate Investor: Four Ways to Tell Them Apart

What’s the difference between them anyway? Seems to many like the difference and between a real estate agent and a real estate investor is negligible. After all, they both dabble in real estate. They both work with properties. They both make money from sales. Seems like trying to tell the difference between a red apple […]

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Motherhood, Work and the Real Estate Business: Doing it All

Why It’s Important for You to do All Three I want to get at least 500 women actively working and making money in the real estate business over the course of the next year. Why? Because I believe GIC Deal Finders presents women with the perfect opportunity to increase their earning power without sacrificing their […]

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For Women, Real Estate Investing is a Need, not a Luxury

“Do you want to know the biggest crock of bull I ever bought? Prince Charming. I grew up on fairy tales. As a tot, my mother read to me and I darn near memorized every word to every Dr. Seuss or Disney book available on the market between 1975 and 1985. By middle school, I […]



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