Three Advantages of Creating Wealth through Real Estate

Three Advantages of Creating Wealth through Real Estate

Let’s be honest. Real estate is not rocket science. The only thing that should stop anyone from participating in Real Estate is not knowing what to do.  Our goal with GIC Deal Finders is to train you in the business and help you develop a skill you can use for the rest of your life to strengthen your financial position. Despite the real estate bubble, buying and selling real estate is still one of the best ways to build wealth.

Zero In On Your Why

Every member of GIC Deal Finders has a reason for joining. They have what we call a “Why?” If your “Why?” is compelling enough, you will stick around to learn this business. The only people I know who have failed in the real estate business are those who think they can get rich quick without learning the business.

Advantage #1: Flexibility

The number one reason I like real estate is that it gives me the flexibility to have complete control of my time.  I do not have to sit in my office day after day pounding away, trying to earn a living. I can come and go as I please.

Advantage #2: Large Paydays

As a real estate investor or a Deal Finder, you sort of set your business up like a python sets up meal. Every few months, the python feeds. And so it is with your business. Every few months, you will make a deal or facilitate a deal. One deal can give you enough income to equal your yearly salary without the hassle of working the 2080 hours the average person works to earn their yearly salary.

Advantage #3: Anyone Can Learn It

Another reason I enjoy the real estate business is I can teach my 18 year-old son the process. He was one of the inspirations that led to building of the website.  A few years ago, we agreed that he would go around the neighborhood and write down the addresses of properties that look abandoned, so he can earn his pocket money.  When he started driving, I made him do the same thing, so he can earn his gas money.


To keep track of his leads, I first started an excel spreadsheet, which  morphed into the website. Right now, I am teaching him how to find and negotiate deals. So far, he is working a deal right now on a property that I have negotiated the price down to $2,000 for a two bedroom one bath house that can rent for at least $500 per month. Once we close the deal, he will have that income for life.  Stay Tuned for more on this deal.

My goal is to share my knowledge of how I bought 400 houses, one house at a time.

real estate investing

Right now, there are over 4 million homes that are either behind on mortgage payments, upside down, in foreclosure or vacant and abandoned. The opportunities are incalculable. For those who are willing to learn, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Request your foreclosure zip codes here and do the simple follow-ups. This is our way of knowing if you can even stick  it out to wait for the big money waiting for you in this industry.

The Real Estate industry is a $20 trillion dollar industry. If you are not an active participant, even on a part-time basis, you are doing yourself and your loved ones a tremendous disservice. Believe it or not, you can retire on one deal. I know, because one of my properties has been spitting out $637 per month for the last 10 year from a small investment of only $1,800.  How many of those do you need if you do not have any bills? I have properties that have been giving me income for over 10 years, and I continue to accumulate more to get income for the next 20-30 years. As a member of GICDealFinders, you will get to see some of the deals that produced this cash flows as we proceed on this journey.

So sit tight, stay focused, be patient, and the real estate business will perform for you. There’s no other business like the real estate business.  Let me have your comments or questions below?





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