Case Study: 31 Properties in One Hour

Case Study: 31 Properties in One Hour

All you need to make $5,000 is a list of quality leads and one good real estate deal

One afternoon, on my way back from escrow after closing a deal, I decided to drive the neighborhood.  I enjoy driving around looking for properties to buy. It’s very exciting because I know once I find one, it’s guaranteed money in my pocket.  

There are so many problem properties all over the country. You can literally trip over them in just about any neighborhood. From the lowest priced to the most expensive neighborhood, you can find more properties in one square mile than you know what to do with.

During my short drive, I was able to log 24 addresses of possible real estate leads. I took pictures of 7 additional properties for a total of 31 properties that are either abandoned, need work, looks vacant, or just look like they could use some face lift.

Here are a few of the quick shots I snapped with my camera phone.


These are the kinds of properties you should be looking for. If you have not uploaded a property since you signed up, you could be losing money daily. Every time you drive a neighborhood, don’t waste the drive, look and write down addresses. Stop and take pictures and upload them to the website immediately. This is how you can assure an extra $5,000 a month income in 2014.

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Do it for you. Do it for your family. Money in your pocket brings a smile to your face and theirs. We are going to make 2014 our best year ever.. JOIN US.



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