Five Ways to Find the Right Real Estate Leads… Every Single Time

Five Ways to Find the Right Real Estate Leads… Every Single Time

Any entrepreneur can tell you: You are only in business if you are making money. And you only make money as long as you have a customers who are willing to pay for your product or service.  As much as we would love to think so, having a good product or service does not entitle you to an ample supply of customers. You have to find and woo your real estate customers.

Take McDonald’s, for instance. Yes, the chain sells fast food, but its primary value offerings are convenience and consistency. You know that wherever you may be, you will soon run into a McDonald’s establishment, even if it is attached to a fueling station in the middle of nowhere. Convenience. You also know that when you walk into that McDonald’s, you can order a Number 9 and that meal will taste the same in Nowheresville as it tastes in your neighborhood. Consistency.

McDonald’s is everywhere. But you know what you see more than actual franchises? Advertisements. Why? Because the marketing geniuses at McDonald’s understand that in order to keep customer coming, they have to find a way to keep wooing them.

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How do you find the right customers? Well, I’ve got a handful of suggestions that will help connect you to those who want – no, need – to do business with you.

  1. Follow McDonald’s lead. Just as McDonald’s has to create brand new ads to market the same burgers the company has been selling for the last 50 years, as a real estate professional, you have to continuously market your services in order to woo new clients.
  2. Identify your targets.  Many realtors enter the business and make the mistake of focusing their marketing efforts on those in their immediate network. Not every property owner is going to be a good match for your business. So you need to be able to pinpoint key characteristics of your target client. This is not necessarily going to be your ideal client. But your target client is the client you are in the best position to serve. Know who they are, what they want, what they need and where you can find them.
  3. Articulate your value. I hear some say that people do business with those whom they like. In truth, people do business with you if you have what they need. So position your business not as a real estate professional with access to a growing list of properties. Position yourself as a problem solver, whether it’s providing buyers with a perfectly affordable place wherein they can enjoy their lives or helping sellers sell their property to propel themselves toward a better lifestyle. If you can let people know that you have what they are looking for, they will come to you.
  4. Market with your customer (not your ego) in mind. About 40% of home buyers go online to search for properties. They are not look at realtor listings, they are looking at real estate listings. They want the property, not necessarily the middleman. So keep that in mind as you create your marketing collateral. They are only interested in what you can do to solve their problem.
  5. Generate many leads. Work to get one good lead a day.Ideally, you want to land two or three good leads a day, but start with one.One of the primary challenges for real estate agents is the daunting misconception that the real estate market is tight. A quick scroll through MLS will let you know that there’s money to be made and work to be done in this industry, so if you worry there aren’t enough deals out there, stop. Work smart and you will see the fruits of your labor.

Experts estimate that 5% of real estate agents make 95% of the sales. That tells me there are opportunities available. You only need to be bold enough to find them.




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