How to Handle Your Real Estate Leads

How to Handle Your Real Estate Leads

No leads, no money! Why your success in real estate depends on you generating quality leads.


If you want to find the right deal, you really have to have the patience and perseverance to sift through enough deals. No leads, no money. The ability to generate leads is quite possibly the most important part of working in sales.
There are nearly 15 million vacant homes in the US.  That means no matter which American city you call home, you can bet there’s a vacant property nearby.  That’s good news for you as a Property Hunter because your pay hinges on your ability to find quality leads.

Once you have a good lead, your first step is to find the owner. Do this by asking the neighbors:
  • How long has the property been empty?
  • Do you know the owner?
  • Does the owner still come around?
  • Who maintains the property?
  • Did anything happen in the property that caused the previous occupants to leave the property?

real estate leads | GIC Deal FindersOnce you get a bit of information from neighbors, search the land records database in the county where the property is located and find out who the owner of the property is and where the county sends the owner’s mail. You can probably do this online, but you may have to go down to the county courthouse to search their computerized land records.

After you pull the owner’s information, send the owner a letter or a postcard to let him know you are interested in buying the property. You can download a sample letter from our website.If the owner is interested in selling the property, he will contact you immediately. That’s a good thing. Once you get him on the phone, there are six key bits of information you want to know:
  • Verify the correct address of the property.
  • Find out the number of bedrooms and baths.
  • Find out the condition of the property.
  • Find out how soon they want to sell.
  • See if there are any loans on the property.
  • Find out how much they want for the property.
Get this important information and upload it to the GIC website. Remember to include pictures of the property. From there, we will call the owner immediately and close the deal for you. Everything should be this simple, right?
Click here to go to our website and download the letter or the flyer in the Tools menu.




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