“Nothing happens ’til something is sold”

If you are not selling something to someone, then some is trying to sell you something.  That’s what the world is all about.  So what are you selling today? Or are you just going to sit around and let the world sell you everything and not sell anything to them? What kind of a life is that?

So put on your selling shoes today. Sell yourself on how you can help them eliminate their real estate problem then go out and tell them how you’ll help.

Understand the Psychology of Real Estate Sales

You need to first adopt the right mindset about real estate. Real estate is cash flow for somebody. Every person or organization that puts itself in a position to sell a property does so because they have a problem and they are in search of a solution. Our goal is to make money by solving as many real estate problems as we can. Your job is to get out there and find the people with the problems.

Set Real Estate Sales Goals

Very few people have the pleasure of earning money by sitting on their butts. Even then, most of the time, they had to work to even make it to the point where they could sit around now. All success is the direct result of some effort put forth based on specific plans and objectives.

If you have no plans then you default to failure.

As they say, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

real estate salesSo, how many leads would you generate to hit your $5,000 monthly goal? You’re probably not going to get $5,000 per month by uploading just a few houses. Remember, when it comes to sales, you have to remember the law of averages. The more leads you submit, the greater your chance of closing a deal.

Have you ever wondered why you see some companies advertising consistently on TV. For example, I always see these mattress companies on TV every day advertising for people to buy new mattress. If you live in Southern California, you’ve probably seen the Mathis brothers ad, or the Silly mattress commercial and slogan, “I’ll beat anyone’s advertised price or your mattress is FREEEEEE!”

Why do they advertised so much?  The reason is simple. It takes a lot of leads to make one deal. Even after the commercial brings the lead into the store, the sales team still has to sell every lead on buying a new mattress. The have to close the deal and convince the customer to part with their money. That is the reality in every business. That is the reality in this business.

In your case, you bring the lead. We do the rest. Got it?

You bring the leads.

Soon we’ll be giving you other leads that you’ll be mailing to. A little investment of 44 cent stamp may be your ticket to earning $5,000 per month, every month.

So don’t sit on the fence, let’s get to work, and I’ll see you at the top.







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