Real Estate Investing Case Study: $145,000 in 150 Days

Real Estate Investing Case Study: $145,000 in 150 Days

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How much is your patience worth?  $10? $200? $500? What is the value of your follow-up and follow-through?  Do you give up easily or do you set a plan in motion and work it until you reach your goal?

I ask because in this business, patience is more than a virtue. It’s a financial asset. When it comes to real estate time is on your side. Let me show you what I mean.

The Case of the Twins

I earned $145,000 in profit from a deal I recently made on two properties. It took me six months to negotiate the deal, but I finally bought both properties for about $80,000. After fix up and rehab, I sold one the first property for $145,000 and the other for $137,000.

The Case of the Joint Custody Land

Want another example? A vacant lot sat in the middle of a tug-of-war between a recently-divorced couple. Each party thought they deserved the land. Well, it took nine months, but I finally them it’s a lot easier to split cash than property and after a while, they agreed to sell it to me for $30k. I immediately flipped fit for $65,000. I made $35,000 in nine months. The moral of this story is this:


When it comes to real estate, time is on your side. If you wait long enough, the seller’s circumstances will change and you will be the beneficiary.


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The Case of the Mobile Homes

I bought two mobile homes four years apart. One netted me $40,000 the other has made me $70,000. It was a process getting my hands on the second home. When I bought it,  the property on the right was vacant and looked abandoned. Four years later, while I was on my way to pick up rent check from another property, I saw that the property on the right was still vacant. So I sent a letter to the owner. We ran into all sorts of problems with the title, but I finally did and I’ve been making money off the property ever since. 





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