How to Make $5K on Your Way to Work

How to Make $5K on Your Way to Work

Here’s the scenario:

It’s early. You are on your way to work at a job you don’t mind doing. You take the same route to work every day and every day you pass by the same homes with the same cars and the same lawn chairs. On your route, there are a handful of houses – maybe eight or none – that you know have to be vacant. Some are obviously empty with tall grass and crooked blinds. The others, you’re pretty sure they are, but you’re not 100% sure. You drive past them every day at the same times – 8AM and 5:30PM – just like clockwork. And you wonder about those empty properties.

It’s time to start wondering. If you have to work 160 hours a month to bring home a few thousand dollars, I want to tell you that you’re in a good position to make that kind of money just on your drive to work. That’s right. You can earn 2000, $3,000 or even $5,000 by shifting your thinking and turning those empty properties into real estate leads.

As a one of our Property Hunters, you can be on a constant mission to build your list of real estate leads just by taking notice of the properties you may pass as you go about your day to day. Instead of sitting in traffic on the highway, take side streets to work and see if you can locate abandoned properties. For ever property you locate that we are able to turn into a lucrative deal, we pay you anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

Investors and home buyers purchase thousands of homes every single month. You can earn income just by connecting our investing team to profitable deals. You don’t have to do any negotiating. Just find the property, take some pictures and do a bit of digging. Then wait for us to send you your finder’s fee.

Quick tips for making money on your way to work

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Skip the traffic jam next time.

I have three quick tips to help you increase your income by earning money in real estate as you drive to and from work.

#1. Become more observant.  You are our eyes and ears in your area. So get out there and start looking for properties. Look for homes that look empty and start keeping a running list of the properties that you find. Skip the rush hour traffic jam and take the streets. Go the back way to your local grocery store. When it’s time to make a bank run, go a bank branch in the opposite direction. You will recognize abandoned properties by the unkempt yard and tall weeds in the front or back. Sometimes mail and sales papers are stuck in the door or left on the porch. You may find window treatments tattered or missing altogether. You may even find trash in the front or back yards.

#2. Investigate. If you’re in a safe enough neighborhood, you may want to get out of the car and do an inspection of the perimeter of the property. You may also want to ask neighbors about the property. Let them know you’re looking for properties to buy in the area and you’re trying to locate the owner.

#3. Offer an incentive. Neighbors are not always forthcoming with total strangers, so make it clear you’re just interested in buying properties in the area. Remember, we are willing to pay up to $250 if the neighbor can help us locate the property owner and we close on the deal.

Use these tips to create a seamless strategy for finding high quality real estate leads for GIC investors and you can find yourself pulling in thousands of dollars on your way to and from work.


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